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Galvan Law, LLC is a law firm whose sole mission is justice for the accused. “Justice” may mean having charges dismissed or winning a trial. It might also mean getting the best and most reasonable plea offer that our client deserves. Also, if you are a Veteran, you may qualify for Veterans Treatment Court. 


Our Services

  • All Felonies

  • All Misdemeanors

  • Criminal Appeals

  • Juvenile

  • Sentence Modification

  • CHINS Actions Related to Alleged Criminal Conduct

  • Common Charges

    • OWI/DUI

    • Drug related charges

    • Theft

    • Sex Offense

    • Battery

    • Driving While Suspended




In the State of Indiana, it is a Misdemeanor if you operate a vehicle with a blood alcohol level greater than .08 percent. This penalty could be enhanced to a felony if you have recieved an OWI in recent years. Furthermore, mandatory license suspensions are imposed upon receiving the charge of OWI, even before a conviction. Time is of the essence after an OWI charge. A timely motion to suppress may be the difference in a dismissal or a conviction. I will use my experience to mitigate the damage an OWI will cause. This can either be done by beating the charges in a trial or resolving the matter through a tactiful plea negotiation. 




Simply put: why pay a traffic ticket that is a moving violation? When you pay a traffic ticket, that is a moving violation or Driving While Suspended, you are pleading guilty and a disposition is entered. The Courts will then notify the BMV and in most cases, points will be held against your license. This causes your insurance rates to sky rocket and in some cases, when you acquire too many points on your license, you will be suspended. If you get a traffic ticket, call our office; our rates and court costs may be the same amount as your ticket.  In many cases, through plea negotiations, we can resolve the matter without any points being added to your license. 


If you have failed to pay a ticket in the past, or failed to appear, we can motion the court to set aside the judgment and negotiate a plea to resolve the matter without any points being added to your license. Galvan Law, LLC is the Attorney for Indiana Traffic Tickets.


RESTORE YOUR RIGHT TO POSSESS A FIREARM THROUGH EXPUNGMENT! In the last few years, Indiana law has recently been modified to restore certain rights back to its citizens.  Two of these restored rights are provided by Expungement and Specialized Driving Privilege laws. Since the inception of these  laws, Attorney Brett Galvan has been helping clients seal their records and restoring thier driving privileges. 




If you have been arrested or convicted of a felony or misdemeanor, you may find that it is hard to get a job, get into programs, get a professional license,  carry a firearm or purchase a firearm. Having your recored sealed or "expunged" will help you overcome these barriers. There are several requirements to be eligible for an expungement. An example of these requirements are that you have not been convicted of a felony in the past 8 years, or a misdemeanor in the past 5 years, and  have no pending charges against you. In certain circumstances, if it has been less than 8 (felony) or 5 (Misdemeanor) years since your most recent conviction, the State may still agreee to allow you to petition the court for an expungement. Attorney Galvan has been very successful under the Indiana Expungment law. Contact our office to see if you qualify 




In 2015, Indiana law makers moved away from the old Hardship license and replaced it with the Specialized Driving Privilege. This new law allows people who previously did not qualify to drive based on their suspension, to obtain a driving privilege. Even those who are Habitual Traffic Violators, have suspensions based on no insurance, or have a lifetime license forfeiture may be eligible. Contact Galvan Law, LLC to see if you are eligible. 219 996 7755







Estate Planning

Wills and Trust


I can help you protect your assets and your loved ones' interests from the aftermath of unexpected events. It is important to plan rather than to permit the laws of intestacy determine who is to benefit from your assets at death.

It is also important to recognize that circumstances arise wherein a trusted person is necessary to administer your assets for your benefit in the event of incapacity. Prior planning can help deter unnecessary and expensive litigation. As your lawyer, I can help you identify your estate planning goals and to develop an estate plan to address those needs.


With the right documents, you can have greater assurance that your wishes will be followed if you are incapacitated or after you pass away:


  • Wills. A Will allows you to direct who will receive your assets after you die. I can help you compose a Will which can save your loved ones from confusion and needless litigation over your estate.


  • Trusts. A trust is a legal and financial vehicle that can benefit any person or organization you choose. The revocable living trust is an essential document not only for disposing of your estate at death but even more so for assuring that a person or corporate fiduciary of your choosing can use your assets to care for you, your spouse, children, grandchildren, or partner in the event of your incapacity. Supplemented by a power of attorney, the trust is one of the best means to protect you when you cannot make decisions on your own. I can help you direct your assets by establishing a revocable trust


  • Probate administration. I can help in the appointment of your personal representative (executor) of your choice to probate your will after your death and perform important estate-related tasks, such as inventorying your possessions, filing your income tax return, preparing your estate tax return, if required, paying your creditor claims, and distributing your assets according to your expressed wishes.


  • Powers of attorney. With my assistance, you can establish a power of attorney by which a person whom you trust is authorized to manage your assets, sign legally binding documents, defend you in lawsuits, prosecute lawsuits, file income tax returns, apply for governmental benefits, and make financial decisions for you if you are physically or mentally unable.


  • Health care directives/proxies/living wills. A health care directive – a living will – can legally obligate health care professionals to provide or withhold certain medical care according to your wishes if you become incapacitated and cannot convey your desires. The health care proxy is authorized to make your medical decisions for you when you cannot. I can help you draft any of these documents to your specifications.


  • Guardianships. I assist clients in establishing guardianships for minor children and/or incapacitated adults. Sometimes the guardianship is only of the person; sometimes it is only of the person's property; and sometimes both. The courts try to order the least restrictive form of guardianship, and I can help in the process.










Attorney Brett R. Galvan, Galvan Law, LLC
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